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Tidy Pawz is a local, family owned and operated pet grooming salon and spa located in Anoka, MN. At Tidy Pawz, we strive to provide our clients with a variety of professional, stress-free pet grooming services that will ensure a safe and loving experience for their furry friends. With our vast salon space, high-quality equipment, premium care products, and professional groomers; we position ourselves to be the leading pet grooming salon in the Anoka Area.


Founded by Taylor and Noah Hansen, Tidy Pawz began as a small, home grooming service focused on providing professional and reliable services to pet owners. 


From small beginnings, we have since found our home in Anoka, in which we have added a vast range of services, making us a premier full service pet spa.  


Dedicated to our passion and adoration for pet care, we now have the opportunity to share our high-standard grooming services and care with clients and pet owners all over the Twin Cities area.

At Tidy Pawz, we consider your pet family, and as such, we believe they deserve only the best treatment. While we are proud of our fun and easygoing attitude, our commitment to maintaining a safe, loving, and pet-friendly environment guides everything we do. 

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